In the water sector various initiatives are taking place. With regards to development in the irrigation sector, eMJee supports the division of tasks and responsibilities between water user associations, which are responsible for Operations and Maintenance activities of the irrigation and drainage network (and thus regroups all users in the same irrigation scheme) and the cooperative societies, that are more focused on agricultural production and are most of the time commodity driven, though its members do not automatically incorporate all the water users in the scheme. While water user associations manage systems defined by clear boundaries, cooperatives can operate outside this physical limitation. Strengthening the support role of oversight bodies is crucial for sustainable management.

With regard to the water supply and sanitation agenda, the dialogue on governance needs further strengthening, specifically between the water providers and the end-water end-users, whereby there is need to, not only strengthen the capacity of the technical staff, but provide adequate support on the internal governance of the facility to managers, board members and other key stakeholders.

eMJee has participated in regional environmental and social impact assessments and contributed to these from a water availability agenda with developing scenarios based on growth and sustainability.

Past Assignments

Core Tasks
Support to the newly established regional government entities on Integrated Water Resources Management
(Gestation Intégrée des Ressources en Eau dans le cadre du développement des Régions Rurales.
Direction Générale du Génie Rurale et de l'Exploitation des Eaux
Collaboration with SHER, main contract with GFA: Support to the newly established decentralised government departments on integrated water resources management (water supply and irrigation)
2018 - ongoing

Development of an irrigation masterplan (2017-2037) for the government of Guinée Conakry

Ministry of Agriculture, la Direction National de Génie Rural
Collaboration with SHER
Contributed to the institutional embedding of the masterplan and strengthening of the DNGR and its decentralised entities
Payment by Results independent data verification for the rural water sector.

Collaboration with IMC Worldwide, Stats 4 Development, ONA.
Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Tanzania /DFID
Independent verification of the provided data by the MoWI, to trigger payments to the respective LGAs. One hundred and twenty-nine (129) LGAs were visited and 46000 waterpoints checked and referenced. eMJee was teamleader for the assignment and organised the logistics for the fieldwork, as well as provided content contributions.
Support and advice to the startup of the Millennium Challenge Compact in Niger.
MCC Niger
Advise MCC on the separation of functions between water user in charge of irrigation, operations and management and the cooperative society that will be oriented towards agricultural production. Review of legal documents and preparation of ToR for missing process steps (audits, training, distribution of tasks and responsibilities).
Development of a water registrar for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the nine water basins.
Using android phone technology and improved accessibility, introducing best practices from the region to ensure Tanzania is prepared for improved collaboration in the region in the case of trans boundary water extractions and local demands. Feeds into the development of the current integrated water resources management and development of basin plan
Reconnaissance Survey of Agricultural Water Management in the Usangu Flat, Southern Tanzania, Consortium partner with AGRER
World Bank/ Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
Compilation of essential base line data and confirmation of the operational status of natural resources management, development of intervention options and scenarios for existing irrigation schemes in the stressed sub-basin of the Rufiji water basin.
2017 - 2018
Payment by Results independent data verification for the rural water sector.

DAI/ IMC /ONA / Aqua-consult
DfID/ MoWI Tanania
Independent verification of the provided data by the MoWI, to trigger payments to the respective LGAs. The number of LGAs qualifying in the first round of PbR will vary between 30 and 56 LGAs out of the 127 Rural LGAs. Aspects catered by eMJee are the logistics of the field verification and data analysis of the provided information
Review of proposed investments in Urban water supply
AFD/ Ministry of Water
Review of documents and completeness of technical document, financial analysis, and other requirements including environmental assessments. Final selection of three most advanced proposals
Inventory of People affected by the Project around Mtindu Dam Morogoro
AFD Tanzania
Identification of people affected by the project of increasing the weir level. Identification of plots, sizes, and crops to prepare loss of capital and loss of income for future compensation
Market assessment of the water credit model and alternative financing channels in Tanzania.
Ministry of Water and Irrigation/ Aqua-consult Tanzania
Provision of an up to date analysis off the water and sanitation sector in Tanzania, with a specific focus on one region, to assess the supply chain in the sector
Review the institutional embedding of Integrated Water Resource Management in the Agency and decentralized bodies
Rwandan Ministry of Natural Resource/ State Agency of Natural Resources (RNRA) Rwanda
Review of human resource situation and capacity and propose mitigation measures to address the staffing gaps and institutional gaps. Development of a capacity building program. Support to the institutional arrangement and funding modality for an IWRM Investment Fund
Support in preparing a concept note for the IWRM intervention in the Ruzizi plain in DRC
Assessing aspects of food security and conflict reduction, while taking an integrated approach and stakeholder participation as a center pillar to the approach
Value for money and Life Cycle Cost Assessment of Rural water in Tanzania
DfID/ IMC/ DAI/ Aqua-consult
Integrating service levels, looking at maintenance, operations, direct and indirect investment costs. The outcomes of the study will guide the implementation of the WSDP II
Preparation of a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) of Integrated Water Resources Management and Development (IWRMD) Plan for Rufiji Water Basin
Ministry of Water and Irrigation/ DfID/ VPO
Assessing the prepared initiatives and addressing environmental and social consequences, especially in the lower Rufiji where the Stieglers’ Gorge dam is projected, having a huge impact on the Selous game reserve
Ex post evaluation of the Small Towns water supply and Sanitation Program
AFD Tanzania
Review of the program, four years after its intervention came to an end, to assess on relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the intervention, which was conducted from 2002 to 2010
Oversight mission of MCC Compact
MCC Burkina Faso
Identify after compact requirements for the smooth operations and sustainable management of the irrigation schemes through water user associations
Oversight missions of MCC Compact
MCC Burkina Faso
Discuss progress and mitigating measures for land allocation and high intensity labor works as well as start up phase of new irrigation schemes and support to restructuring process of the AMVS
Strategic Regional Environmental and Social Assessment (SRESA)
World Bank
SRESA of Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor Of Tanzania (SAGCOT). Management of local team of experts and specific institutional, gender and water resource management support
Oversight missions of MCC compacts
MCC Morocco
Support on after compact requirements regarding operations and maintenance training program and assess capacities of newly established water user associations
Redesign of hospital water system
Address the water scarcity of the hospital that hinders its performance and to ensure compliance with the minimum criteria by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for running a hospital
Assessment of Water and Sanitation Program (WATSAN)
Evaluation of the Watsan program in Ulanga district implemented in close collaboration with the rural water department of he district.
Human resource and organizational development in the water sector
Strengthen the internal organization of the Water development and Management institute and to enable the institute to develop short courses to address specific needs of technicians in the water sector, in line with the decentralization agenda

Development of an irrigation masterplan (2017-2037) for the government of Guinée Conakry

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