Multi Stakeholder Processes

In many circumstances, there is need to bring representatives of different backgrounds together to share, dialogue, debate, discuss, negotiate and jointly decide.

The purpose to bring different parties together can vary from preventing or addressing conflicts, to informing, mobilizing, and advocating for specific cases, as well as for planning, and monitoring purposes.

Successful multi-stakeholder processes are strategized processes, well planned in time, aligning the interests of the different parties, taking time for consultation of and feedback to the constituencies.

A joint mindset to aim at mutual benefit is the starting point and consensus is the result.

Past Assignments

Core Tasks
Facilitation of the multi-stakeholder workshop for the third phase of the Transforming Tanzania's Charcoal Sector
Supporting the TFCG / TTCS program in bringing the different actors together in support of participatory communal forest management, and accepting the developing consensus around sustainable charcoal production
April 2019
Facilitation of assessment of improved Enabling Environment for Civil society (EEfCS) through multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSI)
Helvetas/ SDC
Facilitated a series of workshops with Swiss NGOs active in Tanzania. Interviews with Local NGOs involved in MSI. Identified entry points for support to local NGOs for EEfCS
Development and testing of M&E toolkit for the Multi Actor Integration (MAI) pilot project
BEST Dialogue
The MAI project aims at preparing the media, the local government and the local private sector (including farmers) for addressing pertinent issues regarding the enabling business environment through multi actor engagement and dialogue. The toolkit of questionnaires and analysis tools measures the outcome and impact at end beneficiary level.
St Francis referral Hospital
Support to the transformation process towards a referral hospital and facilitate the change management process to improve the performance of the facility
Workshop facilitation on Insecticides Treated Nets Cell
Elaborate recommendations how best to continue the fight against malaria considering the remarkable results of the ITN CEL, discuss the mandate of ITN CEL and the preferred organisational set-up
Facilitation of stakeholder consultation workshop
Facilitation of stakeholder consultation workshop regarding phase IV of project
Multi Stakeholder meeting facilitation and design of brochure
Multi stakeholder meeting facilitation for resource mobilization for the hospital

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