The following are some sample reports, studies and surveys that have been conducted:

  • Three year capacity building program to support the sustainable charcoal and timber harvesting value chain development (2016)

  • Project document for the establishment and consolidation of a UN Global Compact local network in Tanzania (2015)

  • Feasibility study on the establishment of a secretariat for the UN Global Compact network in Tanzania (2015)

  • Mapping dialogue platforms (2014)

  • Capacity Building Plan for Natural Resource Management (2014)

  • Best practices social accountability (2013)

  • SRESA - ERM (2013).

  • Mid Term Review Local Government Reform Program Phase II (2012)

  • Baseline/Perception Survey Social Accountability (2012)

  • Effectiveness of decentralization: Absorption capacity LGAs (2010)

  • Possibilities and Challenges to mainstream successful concepts of the Tusome Vitabu Project into National Policy (2010)

  • Capacity building funding flows for LGAs (2008)

  • Community Based Health Initiatives Capitalization Study (2010)

  • Case studies Policy Forum and Sikika (2010)

  • Case studies SNV (2009 and 2010)

  • Public Expenditure Tracking Survey Best Practices (2009)

  • Civil society mapping (2009)

  • Local democracy context analysis (2008).

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