Maureen Désirée Röell

Name: Maureen Röell
Position: Consultant / Director
Nationality: Dutch
Specializations: Social Accountability, Local Governance, Local Government Reform, Decentralization and Strengthening Civil Society, Natural Resource Management
Maureen holds a MSc in Agronomy. She has more than 30 years of experience in various African countries, such as Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Ethiopia, Benin and Mali.
While initially working in the fields of agronomy and sustainable land use management in different countries, she has focused her attention gradually towards local governance issues, which have become her main area of intervention in the last 7 years in Tanzania.
Her latest assignments included the context analysis of local democracy and social accountability in Tanzania, Public Expenditure Tracking by Civil society in Tanzania, as well as a desk and field study on funding flows and services for Capacity Development at Local Government level.

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