Support to Sustainable Business Development

How does sustainability benefit your business?
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eMJee will support companies in:

  • Identifying the relevant stakeholders either from the supply chain, government, civil society and/or the community level,
  • Facilitating the necessary dialogue and stakeholder engagement
  • Assessing possible social and environmental impacts and defining mitigating measures to address the impacts
  • Facilitating the internal change process and improved human resources management
  • Developing their sustainability report
  • Identification and formulation of social investment projects that are measurable

We will support Civil Society to:

  • Create awareness on realistic expectations by the communities
  • Formulate and Implement social investments projects
  • Represent local communities in the stakeholder engagement
  • Empower communities in exercising social accountability

We will support Development Partners in formulating projects and programs to support:
  • Awareness on need for sustainability and transparency to businesses, investors, and MDAs
  • Media in reporting on Sustainability and Transparency issues in the private sector
  • Policies, rules and regulations to enable sustainable business development as well as enforcement of their implementation
  • Citizen engagement and social accountability through the CSOs
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Professional and trade associations in embracing sustainability and transparency into their business approach and in reporting on sustainability efforts according to internally recognized benchmarks.

Our partnership with BSD allows us to bring in the expertise to:

  • Develop strategies and management systems
  • Develop Communication strategies
  • Analyse and identify Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Investments

Consolidate Seven-stage CSR Development Model

Experience shows that entities go through different stages when they start engaging in corporate sustainability issues. Indeed, most companies in East Africa are still largely unaware of the concepts and the responsibilities they have as corporate citizens in today’s world.

The following stage model puts forth a sequence of 7 stages that companies go through in their sustainability journey’s, which fall under three overarching CSR developmental phases:
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Model is based on: Maon, F., Lindgreen, A., and Swaen, V. (2010), “Organizational stages and cultural phases: a critical review and a consolidative model of corporate social responsibility development”, International Journal of Management Reviews, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 20-38.

Past Assignments

Core Tasks
Support to establishment of UNGC local network in Tanzania.
SDC/ UNDP Tanzania
Facilitation of strategic planning, content development for the businesses on two selected principles, namely anti-corruption and environment, set up of website, registration and soft launch of the initiative
Feasibility study for UN Global Compact.
SDC/ UNDP Tanzania
Assessment of the interest and needs of big companies (foreign and national) and other stakeholders to commit to the 10 principles of sustainability in Tanzania as promoted by the UN world-wide.

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